Field Day 2003

Mt. Magazine ARC has been an active participant in the ARRL Field Day activities since the club was first organized.

Field Day exercises were held on top of Mt. Magazine at Brown Springs. The club had a good turnout and the overall event was a success.

The main focus of Field Day is to demonstrate emergency preparedness and the ability to setup and operate communications stations in less that ideal conditions. This year the club did just that, with many changes made in the station configuration "on the fly". With less than ideal band conditions, the Club had to try a number of different antennas and modes to maximize contacts. A CW (Morse Code) station was tried for the first time in many years, with much success, thanks to the efforts of Randy K5BOC.

To learn more about Field Day visit the ARRL website.

Antenna work
Dave K5DAV, Bill W5ZW, Jim KD5NDJ and Chris KB5ZTU,
work to get one of the many antennas connected and in the air.

More antennas
More wire antennas


Jim KD5NDJ goes up the tower to work on the 20m beam

Fixing the rotor

Tent meeting
Shirley KD5NYF, Cindy KD5SVC, Tim KD5TUZ, Chris KB5ZTU, Tom KB5LEF.
Important meeting under the tent.

What's in the cooler Randy?   Bill W5ZW, and Randy K5BOC take a break after Randy's blistering CW session. 55 contacts in 1 hour, way to go Randy!! 

Working the bands
Working the bands.
Tom KB5LEF and Dave K5DAV were responsible for many of the total contacts. Thanks guys!!!

Cameron Bluff --Great view from the mountain top. Click picture to enlarge.